Are the vitamins and minerals synthetic?


TCPremix delivers minerals, trace elements, and vitamins from food source
The ingredients in the premix like egg yolk, whey protein concentrate, and gelatin are not only sources for essential amino acids, but are abundant in natural minerals, trace elements, and vitamins.

The main source of minerals in TCPremix, TCPremixFibre andTCPremixPlus is the Milk Mineral Complex. Milk Mineral Complex is minerals isolated from cows milk – providing minerals which are more bioavailable to the body than minerals from other sources. Minerals in milk are of the same type and make-up as minerals in bone. The main source of minerals in TCPremixBasic is a whole bone extract. Calcium from bones deliver all the elements present in healthy bone tissue and in their correct physiological ratios, making it a complete and effective bone health ingredient.

The Calcium Lactate – used as an additional source of Calcium – is manufactured with the aid of bacteria fermenting a source of sugar. Bacteria often produce Calcium or minerals as a by-product of their activity, as can be noted in the formation of dental tarter and urinary crystal – both the work of bacterial overgrowth. In the case of the dietary supplement Calcium Lactate, the bacterias’ activities are beneficial, however.

Depending on the premix, our different formulas are fortified with Vitamin E succinate (alpha-tocopherol), Vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol), and B-Vitamins.The Vitamin B Complex contains B-Vitamins derived from or manufactured with the aid of yeast. The finished B-Vitamins do not contain residual yeast.