Make your own complete and balanced cat food with TCPremix, raw meat and liver in 4 easy steps!
You can use any one of our premix formulas in combination with any fresh meat of your choice and
any of the premixes is suitable for kittens, adults, seniors, breeding cats or neutered cats.

What is the premix?

    One of the biggest challenges for us, since the conception of the premix over a decade ago, has been to explain in a few words what the premix is. Cat owners are familiar with dry and canned foods, frozen raw foods, homemade diets, and supplements – but into which category does our premix […]

A natural food?

  The definition of the word “natural” in association with a food or diet for people or animals is a subject of interpretation. The question of whether a food is natural needs to be defined by specifying if you wish to know if the ingredients are of natural origin or if it is natural for […]

Are the vitamins and minerals synthetic?

TCPremix delivers minerals, trace elements, and vitamins from food source The ingredients in the premix like egg yolk, whey protein concentrate, and gelatin are not only sources for essential amino acids, but are abundant in natural minerals, trace elements, and vitamins. The main source of minerals in TCPremix, and TCPremixFibre is a Milk Mineral Complex. […]

Meat Chunks

  “Can I use the TCPremix if I don’t grind the food. I prefer to give my cats chunks of food. Does the premix taste OK if it’s just mixed in with the chunks?” The premix is palatable enough that many cats will lap it up as powder or mixed with water alone. Cats being […]


  There are many ways of storing and preserving foods Most methods significantly reduce the nutritional value of foods, and only freezing and freeze drying are able to preserve food nearly unchanged in nutritional quality. To store your homemade, raw meat cat food, you must freeze it – unless you are in a position to […]

Lean meat

While fatty meats can cause your cat indigestion, which can trigger your cat to vomit her meal, meats which are too lean present other problems. Animal fat is full of good stuff, including to the cat essentail fatty acids like Linoleic Acid, Linolenic Acid, Arachidonic Acid. Animal fats also carry considerable caloric density, increase palatability, […]


The raw diet premix TCPremix is intended for all life stages. The raw meat diet made with our premix reflects your cat’s natural dietary habits, and as such is suitable for all ages including kittenhood – helping your new baby off to the right start. Kittens will easily make the transition to the raw meat […]

Serving Sizes

  We will discuss the feeding of adult cats in this article. Feeding kittens is discussed elsewhere. Any recommendations on serving sizes we can make can only be a good guess – a starting point to use in your play with your cat’s portion sizes and mealtime frequency Determining your cat’s ideal daily portion size […]


The importance of liver in the diet of the cat is often underestimated. It is impossible to single out one nutrient or food as being more important than others. All nutrients are important and many are essential to make life possible. However, liver deserves a special mention as a food so dense in nutrients that […]

The different formulas

The TCPremix Raw Diet Premix formulas are a source of essential, natural, and bio-available nutrients to complete fresh, raw meat as a cat food. The premixes are blended using only the very highest quality ingredients. Each component of TCPremix has been thoroughly examined for its nutrients and their interactions, as well as the bioavailability of […]