The different formulas

The TCPremix Raw Diet Premix formulas are a source of essential, natural, and bio-available nutrients to complete fresh, raw meat as a cat food. The premixes are blended using only the very highest quality ingredients. Each component of TCPremix has been thoroughly examined for its nutrients and their interactions, as well as the bioavailability of these nutrients to the cat.

The different premix formulas are not intended to address cats’ different dietary needs, but offer you, as the care giver, some options.

The raw meat cat food requires the addition of liver to complete it. Liver is the best and natural source for many essential nutrients the cat requires. The need to add liver to the cat food in addition to the meat, sometimes presents a challenge for customers who can not source liver or are simply put off by the idea of handling liver.

Similar to the invention of the cat food premix itself, our TCPremixPlus premix was the result of listening to what our customers wanted. For TCPremixPlus we have blended the liver as freeze-dried organic liver powder into the premix, thereby eliminating the customer’s need to purchase and handle fresh liver. TCPremixPLUS is available blended with beef liver and chicken liver. Either formula with liver already included can be prepared with ANY meat, and you can alternate between the two for variety.

The no-liver premixes remain a favourit with many faithful users, however, who appreciate that they can add fresh, raw liver themselves at the time of preparation.

The main source of minerals in TCPremixOriginal, TCPremixFibre andTCPremixPlus formulas is a so called “Milk Mineral Complex”. The source of minerals in TCPremixBasic and TCPremixNoOvo are minerals derived from bones – thus making the difference to TCPremixOriginal.

Egg yolk and whey protein has been omitted from this formula, making it suitable for cats with a sensitivity to egg/poultry and proteins from whey source. Alternatively, this premix gives you the option of adding fresh egg yolk to the cat food during preparation.

This Premix contains psyllium husks. Psyllium makes stools softer, as it is believed to speed the passage through the digestive tract by softening the stool and attracting water thereby producing more bulk, which stimulates the transit of waste through the gastrointestinal tract.

With our variety in premix formulas the customer has many choices to find what works best for them, or many options of creating real variety when using them all!