Whole Bone Powder

Bones are the most natural source of minerals to deliver nutrients that help maintain healthy bones

Next to meat, bones are an important component of the natural diet of cats. Bones supply essential minerals and provide an excellent source of calcium. Bone is the most natural source to deliver nutrients that help support the development and maintanance of healthy bones such as calcium, phosphorus etc. and also contain nutrient-rich collagen, cartilage and a broad range of trace minerals and amino acids.
To be used properly in the body, calcium must be provided in a specific ratio to phosphorus. Bones are the natural way for predators to achieve this balance.

If you are not feeding bones with the meat, the Tatzenladen whole bone powder is a great alternative and supplies essential minerals (like calcium, phosphorus etc.) to your cat. Remember, a cat fed a meat-only diet must satisfy its calcium requirement by stealing from its own bones.

Freeze dried bone powder to complete homemade cat food with Calcium
Tatzenladen Whole Bone Powder is a pure and natural product free of artificial coloring, fillers or additives.
It is the ideal substitute for the bones a cat would ingest when eating prey and delivers the major minerals naturally bound to protein within the bone matrix.
The freeze-dried bovine bone is prepared as a pharmaceutical for humans, and the raw material is collected from grass-fed, free-range cattle which are guaranteed to be free of BSE.

Recommended use
As a natural source of minerals in homemade cat food instead of using fresh bones.
Use as directed by a recipe. Take care to maintain a Calcium to Phosphorus ratio of about 1,1:1 – 1,3:1 in the diet. As a typical dose use 2 level Tablespoons of Whole Bone Powder per 1000 g of fresh boneless meat (with or without organ meat).