Organic Gelatin


Tatzenladen Organic Gelatin is fine-grained, tasteless, and made from pure pork protein (skin)
Gelatin is a mixture of proteins extracted from animal collagen, which is similar in its amino acid structure of bone and cartilage collagen, and has been claimed to promote bone and joint health. A diet supplemented with gelatin can have a positive impact on the musculoskeletal system of cats and may particularly benefit older cats.

Gelatin can also be used as a binding/gelling agent in homemade cat foods.
To some extent, gelatin mimics the skin and connective tissue of the cat´s natural diet of prey.

Pure certified Organic Pork Gelatin (Unflavored) – no additives added.

At a glance
– Pure collagen protein
– amino acids for bone structure and joint health

Feeding recommendation for supplemental use:
¼ teaspoon of gelatin powder per animal/per day or 1-2 tablespoons of gelatin per 1kg of meat in a homemade cat food recipe.